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Join Project FeederWatch
and contribute to ongoing research and conservation
by sharing your backyard bird observations with scientists
If you enjoy attracting birds to your yard by creating a bird-friendly environment with plants, feeders, and water, then you will enjoy participating in the Cornell Lab's popular citizen science project - Project FeederWatch.

Feeder Watching is fun!  As a FeederWatcher you'll
1.  Attract feeder birds to your yard
2.  Watch and count your birds in the winter
3.  Share your observations with scientists
4.  Learn how winter bird populations are  changing

FeederWatching is important!
Scientists canít be everywhere all the time,  but FeederWatchers are.  And because  FeederWatchers send their backyard  observations to the Lab of Ornithology,  scientists can  track large-scale movements  of winter bird populations and monitor long- term trends in bird distribution and abundance.

Who can participate?
Everyone! Project FeederWatch is for anyone interested in birds, the outdoors, or nature. Itís a great activity to do with your family, youth group, or by yourself. Itís easy to do at home, at a nature center, or in some other community area.

How much time will it take?
It's up to you!  Select your own "bird-count days" once every two weeks from November through April.  Watch birds on all or part of those days.  Then fill out the easy checklists showing which birds and how many of them visited your yard during the selected period..

New participants in this project receive:
1. Simple instructions for counting the birds
2. Easy-to-read handbook with science-based  recommendations for
    a. maintaining a clean and safe feeder area
    b. selecting bird feeders and foods
    c. attracting birds to your yard
    d. identifying birds
    e. discouraging predators and pests
3. Data submission forms
4. Bird identification poster
5. Colorful wall calendar
6. One-year subscription to Birdscope
7. Access to FeederWatch  OnLine

How much does it cost?
$15.00 regular fee
$12.00 for members of the Cornell Lab of  Ornithology

For questions about the project:
Contact Nancy Kenyon at

For more information about the program and/or to sign up for it:
See the Cornell Lab FeederWatch web page at:  http://birds.cornell.edu/pfw/

Project FeederWatch is a joint project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the National Audubon Society, Bird Studies Canada, and the Canadian Nature Federation. Project FeederWatch is sustained through annual participantsí fees.

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