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Banded California Gulls
This year, we began color banding gull chicks in an effort to better understand the influence, if any, Mono birds have on the rapidly growing population in the San Francisco Bay area as well as other satellite populations. The bay area nesting population has essentially shown exponential growth since it was found in 1980 (the year Mono Lake gulls abandoned their colony location due to coyotes gaining access to it from the lowered lake level, and moved to smaller surrounding islets of Mono Lake). California Gulls, which never historically bred in this coastal location, are having negative impacts on terns, avocets, and stilts that nest in the bay marshes.
Any information on Mono Lake California Gull distribution in non-breeding season as well as breeding season is useful.

This year we banded the gulls with a pale blue plastic band over the standard silver band on the left leg.

Please let us know if you see a juvenile California Gull with this color band, as well as the date and location.

Kristie Nelson

or Ann Greiner

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