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Color-banded Red-tailed & Cooper's Hawks
Please be on the look-out for color-banded Red-tailed and Cooper's Hawks.

The Golden Gate Raptor Observatory began color-banding Cooper's and Red-tailed Hawks in the Marin Headlands during the 2013 fall migration season. We used purple bands on Redtails, and green on Coops. Each band has a 3-digit alpha-numeric code (a capital letter above a two-digit number) that is repeated on each side of the band.

If you see a color-banded hawk please make note of: the band color, the code, and which leg the band was on. Note also location, date and time, and any details on behavior. Also, please photograph the bird if at all possible. Send reports directly to the federal US Bird Banding Lab via http://www.reportband.gov/ as well as to: GGRO at ggro@parksconservancy.org

By color-banding these birds, we hope to increase our ability to understand where they go during their annual cycle, how long they live, their survival rates, habitat use, and causes of mortality and injury. Especially with the aggressive expansion of green energy mega-systems in the West, understanding basic life history and location data can be critical for birds of prey.

For questions or for more information on GGRO studies and results, don't hesitate to contact us at the email address above or call 415-331-0730. For more info on GGRO, check www.ggro.org

Thanks for your assistance, and for helping to get the word out to other birders and naturalists.

Allen Fish, GGRO Director
Chris Briggs, GGRO Research Director


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