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photo by N. Kenyon

Upper Newport Bay

Monthly census reports

For the past ten years, we have been conducting a monthly bird census in Upper Newport Bay from the deck of a small pontoon boat on the 3rd Wednesday morning or each month from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. The census is done by birders from Sea and Sage Audubon Society, coordinated by Nancy Kenyon. Until the fall of 2010, our course was from the Back Bay Science Center boat dock, up the bay to the boat limit sign above the old salt dike, and then back again. The data we have collected is used for analysizing the status of resident and migratory birds in the upper portion of the bay.

In the fall of 2010, we switched our boat and starting location from the Back Bay Science Center to the Newport Sea Base because the dock at the Back Bay Science Center needed repair. Fortunately for us, the pontoon boats belonging to the Sea Base are much more suitable for our needs because they can hold more people and have a steadier deck from which to bird. All of our census data has been posted here on the website. Click on the census year you are interested in seeing.

Spreadsheets covering a whole year (January - December)

Monthly reports with comments about the tide, weather, & birds
Feb. 2011 March 2011 April 2011 May 2011 June 2011
July 2011 Aug. 2011 Sept. 2011 Oct. 2011 Nov. 2011 Dec. 2011
rained out Feb. 2012 March 2012 April 2012 May 2012 June 2012
July 2012 Aug. 2012 Sept. 2012 Oct. 2012 Nov. 2012 Dec. 2012
Jan. 2013 Feb. 2013 March 2013 April 2013 May 2013 June 2013
July 2013 Aug. 2013 Sept. 2013 Oct. 2013 Nov. 2013 Dec. 2013
Jan. 2014 Feb. 2014 March 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014
July 2014 Aug. 2014 cancelled Oct. 2014 Nov. 2014 Dec. 2014
Jan. 2015 Feb. 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015
July 2015 Aug. 2015 Sept. 2015 Oct. 2015 Nov. 2015 Dec. 2015
Jan. 2016 Feb. 2016 March 2016 April 2016 May 2016 June 2016
July 2016 Aug. 2016 Sept. 2016 Oct. 2016 Nov. 2016 Dec. 2016
Jan. 2017 Feb. 2017 March 2017 cancelled May 2017 June 2017
July 2017 Aug. 2017 Sept. 2017 Oct. 2017 Nov. 2017 Dec. 2017
Jan. 2018 Feb. 2018        

Between the years 1992 and 1996, a series of monthly birds counts were made in Upper Newport Bay, also conducted by birders from Sea and Sage Audubon. These counts were conducted during periods of low tide and were done from land. The counts were coordinated by Richard Kust.

updated 2/22/18

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