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Protecting Your Koi Pond
Opportunistic feeders that range over a wide area looking for food, Great Blue Herons are attracted to backyard ponds across North America, where they relish ornamental fish such as koi, as well as frogs and other aquatic life. So if you build a backyard pond and stock it with fish, it's probably just a matter of time before you'll be visited by a roaming heron.
Vigilance is required for homeowners that don't want their koi pond treated as a giant bird feeder by herons. Since herons are fairly territorial, if one shows up uninvited (but face it, a bright orange fish is a pretty good invitation!), you may be able to drive it away with a life-sized heron decoy, available at many yard or garden centers.
Don't leave the decoy out in the same place for too long, as herons will quickly learn that an unmoving bird isn't a threat. Its probably best to bring it out only when needed, and to move it to a new location at least once a day.
Source of information — Rob Fergus, Audubon at Home


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