Warbler Trips Report
posted July 1, 2003

These warbler photos were taken by Steve Metildi on the Great Lakes Trip.

After a great 12-week course in Warblers, taught by Sylvia Gallagher this past spring, many of us were eager to go out in the field and try out our new skills on some "real" birds. Since Sylvia was not going to be leading us on any post-workshop field trips this year, we were left to our devices. Fortunately, however, Roy Poucher came to our aid, volunteering to lead two warbler trips to Texas and one to the Great Lakes region. Many of us already knew Roy was a great field trip leader and so we eagerly signed up for one or both of the trips. Everyone had a great time and saw a large number of birds - including LOTS of warblers.  This report is for those people who didn't get to go on one or both of these trips, as well as for those who went on one of the trips and want to find out what the other trip participants saw. 

Texas Trip #1:  April 11-16 Bird List  Trip report
Texas Trip #2:  April 17-21 Bird List Trip report
Great Lakes Trip:   May 14-20 Bird List  

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