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The Least Tern Project
~ 2013 Nesting Season: Reports & Photos ~
LETE on eggs

LETE eggs

LETE chicks
Least Tern incubating eggs
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou
Least Tern nest on beach
photo by Cyndie Kam
Least Tern chicks resting
photo by Cyndie Kam

Helpful Information for this Year's Nesting Season
Volunteers' Shift Schedule    
Information Flyer on the LETE project    
Report Form (Data Sheet in MS Word)    
David Pryor wants you to enter your data on this Report Form and then email it to him. His email address is on the form. Save a copy of the form on your computer, fill it out, and then email it to David as an attachment.
Docent Manual    
Least Tern/Snowy Plover Project Slide Show    
An Overview of Domoic Acid Poisoning    
Predators & Problems to watch out for    
2011 Report on Nesting Least Terns in CA    
Video of Mating Least Terns at the Preserve (May 2012) - photographed by Dr. Peter Bryant
How to Report Banded Snowy Plovers
Western Snowy Plover Watch - Sept-Nov 2011
Raising SNPL from abandoned eggs
2013 Reports & Messages
March 27 Save April 17 for our "Kick-off" Orientation!
April 13 The Least Terns are on their way!
April 17 Live Scan Information
April 20 On-site Training & Electronic Data Form
April 20 Look for geolocators on the Least Terns
May 03 Docent Manual
May 04 Field Training Day
June 10 We have chicks!
June 10 Missing binoculars at Tern Colony
June 12 How many nests are there?
June 27 Least Tern News
June 29 Updated Shift Schedule
June 30 Photos: Wendy Miller's Photos
June 30 Photos: Charles Baker's Photos
July 01 Least Tern Report from Cyndie Kam
July 02 Holiday Schedule
July 02 Photo Ops and A Note from David Pryor
July 05 Least Tern Count from Cyndie Kam
July 09 Tern Times from David Pryor
July 10 Photos: Tina Coombe's Photos
July 19 Least Tern Count from Nicole Peltier
July 23 Least Tern News from David Pryor
Aug. 10 Annual Season Wrap-Up and BBQ
Aug. 10 Notes from David, Cyndie, & Cheryl
Aug. 10 Sept. SNPL Beach-wide Survey
Aug. 22 2013 Docent Awards
Aug. 23 Tern Taxidermy with photo
Aug. 23 2013 Logbook (notes from docents during their shifts)
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