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May 15 - Calling All Photographers!

We are on the lookout for peregrines, and in particular, a male peregrine that has been seen at the colony. We need to determine if it is the same bird that is visiting the colony repeatedly, so if you see a PEFA and happen to get a shot, please send to me! The bird in question may have had a distinct mustache, but any distinguishing marks are useful. The male we think it is happens to not be banded, so we are relying on visual cues to help ID this bird.

We are at 114 nests as of Friday! I thought we would have more, but it seems this season is getting off to a slower start than the past few seasons. We’ll have updated numbers as of tomorrow, and I will try to get the word out once we get our numbers.

Parking passes should be mailed out tomorrow and Wednesday. Thanks for your patience on this; it is a busy time of the year and Park staff has been pulled off of many of our regular duties to complete a budgeting exercise, so many of our normal tasks have been waylaid. Blythe will get the passes in the mail this week though, so check your mail.
As always, any questions or concerns please let me know!  


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