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June 13 - Least Tern Update

We now have 573 nests as of today, with 72 new nests found today. We likely have a large flux of birds that are coming from other colonies and nesting at Huntington; I have heard about predation pressures at colonies south and north, so that may be why we are at such a high number. This could be a record year for the terns at Huntington! Time will tell… Take a look at the little fluff balls I snapped a photo of last Friday.

I observed some eggs that were very clearly predated by crows. We placed 3 additional carcasses in the colony, but if you see crows or ravens, please do your best to discourage them through yelling, throwing rocks, or other means as you can think of them. Otherwise, predation appears to be low.

I found a dead banded LETE a couple of weeks ago, which is always sad, but I reported the band number to the bird banding lab and found out that this particular bird was banded at Imperial Beach on 07/03/2000. Almost 17 years old! I find it amazing that we have successfully breeding birds that old in the colony.

Thanks for your eyes out there and let me know what you guys are seeing!

Lana Nguyen

Sea & Sage Audubon Society
PO Box 5447 • Irvine, CA 92616 • 949-261-7963