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June 30 - CA Least Tern Update

“Hey everyone! Hard to believe, but the 4th of July weekend is upon us! If you have other means of getting to the beach or have an early shift, it would be very helpful to have you out there particularly in your docent and informational role. If you are coming by car, I would say to stay home since the lots will likely be full and you might not get in.  
Thanks for all that you do, and have a happy and safe holiday weekend!”

Lana Nguyen
Environmental Scientist
California State Parks

Subject: CLT update 6/30

Things are slowing down, but still going! There were a total of 20 new nests this week, bringing the grand total up to 652 nests. Today we found 18 downy chicks, 8 feather chicks, 13 pre-fledges, 20 younger fledges, and 3 older fledges. A total of 21 chicks, 1 fledgling, and 1 adult were found dead in the colony. To date, an estimated 27 nests have been depredated, and an estimated 40 have been abandoned. Final numbers will be calculated at the end of the season. We did place a camera today by one of the burrows that appeared to be active. Hopefully we'll find out who is living in it soon. A crow was mobbed as it flew through the colony. An osprey was also observed flying over the colony, but did not stick around. 

Nicol Housel
Field Biologist
Santa Ana Watershed Association
P.O. Box 5407
Riverside, CA 92517

Sea & Sage Audubon Society
PO Box 5447 • Irvine, CA 92616 • 949-261-7963