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July 8 - Note to Volunteers

Hi Volunteers!

The colony is getting quieter now as the first wave of nests have fledged, and presumably the terns have moved south. We still are find new nests (8 today for a total of 660), so there are either new birds coming in to try their luck at Huntington or other birds are doing nest attempt #2.

The reports show that you guys aren't seeing much out there in terms of predation; this is good news! I'm seeing evidence of predated eggs along the front fence, and my hunch is an American crow is the culprit. If you guys see a crow out there, please do your darndest to dissuade it (yell, throw things, wave your arms, etc) and note it on your data sheet.
Thanks for all the work you are doing out on the beach.

You guys are really making a difference!


Lana Nguyen
Environmental Scientist

California State Parks

Sea & Sage Audubon Society
PO Box 5447 • Irvine, CA 92616 • 949-261-7963