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Results of Untimely Tree Trimming
The nest in this eucalyptus tree (a full 2 days earlier) was active and contained three young Cooper's Hawk nestlings when it was trimmed/butchered!
This was the result of tree trimming work that was scheduled during the middle of the breeding season. Incidents like this have become increasingly more common in urban landscapes throughout Orange County and other areas of Southern California.
There were three Cooper's Hawk chicks below the adult in the nest that were about 3 to 3 1/2 weeks old. while the tree was being trimmed, the adult hawks buzzed the tree trimmers and the chicks helplessly hunkered down. The tree trimmers were satisfied that they left the nest intact. Of course it was both irresponsible and thoughtless to trim this tree with birds so obviously in harm's way, and in spite of the fact that the nest was left in place, it was rendered completely unprotected from predators and the sun. The chicks did not survive, despite the fact that the adult hawks stayed for some time trying to brood and feed the young.
This picture clearly illustrates a major problem for birds, but what we don't see are the untold thousands of small nests that are destroyed each year with eggs and/or nestlings in them. Just imagine if this large nest did not elicit enough common sense to stop the trimming, what happens to the smaller songbird nests every spring!


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