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Bird Nest Study indoors 
Pond Water Study 
Bird Nest Study outdoors 
Each year, our volunteer naturalists interact with school children to help them understand the importance of wetlands to both wildlife and people.  Through the naturalistsí enthusiasm, interest and dedication, thousands of school children and their teachers conclude that this is the best outdoor field program they have ever attended! 

We are proud of our naturalists and how they help Sea & Sage Audubon achieve its mission.  Perhaps you have some experience teaching children and have wondered about participating in our exciting outdoor field program.  Now is the time to sign up! 

We are currently looking for special individuals who are willing to teach effectively and share nature with school children in the beautiful setting of a wetland habitat for our two outdoor science programs for elementary school children.

This is a great opportunity if you like working with children and enjoy meeting other friendly enthusiastic volunteers. For a small investment of time and energy, you will personally make the difference in the life of a child who may not have much exposure to nature. Our program is vitally important to help create caring Earth stewards of today's youngsters!

We expect each Audubon Naturalist to volunteer two mornings a month during the school year, although we willingly work with individuals who have other time demands such as travel or part-time jobs. Each Audubon Naturalist must also attend the training sessions (we offer alternate dates if you miss one) and the practice sessions. The pace of completing each step corresponds to the comfort level of the volunteers. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

All classes are from 9 am to 12 pm in the Learning Center and by reservation only. We have a GREAT volunteer Audubon Naturalist program and hope that you or someone you know will join us this year. Please contact Trude Hurd, Project Director of Education, at 949-261-7964 or

Continuing Education for the Naturalists
End of the Year Breakfast for the Naturalists

One of our volunteer naturalists wrote up her thoughts on the Audubon Naturalists Program, describing the kind of people she had met who were involved with the program. To read her remarks, click here.

The Marsh Education Project is proud to recognize its education volunteers who donated over 4870 hours in 2010. Special praise goes to these twenty-one naturalists:
Bev Spring - 452 hours
Grace McElhiney - 443 hours
Helen Nicholas - 414
Bobbie Miller - 386 hours
Dan Trinidad - 295 hours
Teresa Cullen - 288 hours
Pat Vranicar - 270 hours
Constance Cassady - 250 hours
Deborah Brin - 223 hours
Dawn Zuniga - 223 hours
Carolyn Noble - 191 hours
Bob McElhiney - 186 hours
Gretchen Mavrovouniotis - 177 hours
Evalie Dumars - 175 hours
Jenny Golden - 149 hours
Tim Maas - 145 hours
Sofia Speakman (student) - 141 hours
Trude Hurd - 133 hours
Beverly Hargrove - 116 hours
Andrea Hendrixson - 110 hours
Susan Gibb - 103 hours

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