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Cedar Waxwing
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou
Western Tiger Swallowtail
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou
Great Horned Owl
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou

Nature Discovery Kits
for loan

Sea & Sage Audubon is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to conservation, education and research of native birds and their habitat. Thanks to initial funding from the Beckman Foundation, we are pleased to loan Nature Discovery Kits to Orange County educators at no cost. These kits are designed to supplement science presentations and allow access to materials not often available to educators. We hope that you and your students gain a greater appreciation of Orange County's wildlife by using these kits.
What topics are available?
Butterflies & Moths
Songbird Nests
Reptiles & Amphibians
Wonderful Life of a Dying Tree
What is in a Nature Kit?
Each kit contains a Teacher Resource Notebook, reference books for teachers, a research project for students, and a variety of mounted specimens, videos, audio-cassettes, posters, read-aloud books, puppets, and other items.
What grade levels can use the Nature Kits?
Kits are appropriate for upper elementary students, but may be adapted for younger and older students.
How long can I borrow a Nature Kit?
Kits may be borrowed up to two weeks.
What is the fee?
The loan is FREE, although we appreciate donations! We require a $50 deposit check (payable to Sea & Sage Audubon) when you pick up your kit. This deposit will be returned or voided & torn up when all items are returned on time and undamaged. You will be charged for loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear.
We require one month's notice for scheduling (no short notice requests, please). Contact our volunteer Nature Kit Co-Coordinator Marilyn Walter at 949-854-3035 or with your requested dates.
Kits must be picked up and returned on the assigned dates to the gray shed on the porch of our Sea and Sage Office (Blue House).
Directions to Sea and Sage Office in Irvine: From the 405 freeway, go south on Jamboree to Michelson and turn left. Turn right on Harvard (5th signal). Turn right on University (1st signal). Turn right on Campus (1st signal). Do not merge left, but stay in right lane and make an immediate right onto paved Entrance road (green sign). Continue on road and turn left into parking lot area for Audubon House. Continue past the Audubon House (yellow house) to Sea and Sage office (Blue House). You may park temporarily in the small parking lot while loading /unloading kits. The Nature Kit will be in the gray shed on the porch with your name on it.
1. Bring the Nature Discovery Kits brochure for reference, plus a $50 deposit check (payable to Sea & Sage Audubon) on the specified date.
2. By picking up the Nature Kit, you are agreeing (1) to accept financial responsibility for the kit in case of damage or loss, and (2) to return the Kit on time with all content present and undamaged.
3. You may now borrow the kit which consists of several containers and a poster carrying case.
4. Verify that all contents are present (use Kit Contents sheet in the Kit), and notify us within 48 hours if there is anything missing so that you will not be charged.
1. By the due date, return the entire Nature Kit and its contents to the gray shed of the Sea and Sage Office. (Blue House)
2. Fill out and turn in the short Evaluation Form.
What is the late fee?
We charge $5 per day to ensure prompt return so kits are available for the next scheduled educator.
Butterflies & Moths
Songbirds & Their Nests
Reptiles & Amphibians
Wonderful Life of a Dying Tree
TO RESERVE ONE of these kits, see above - "How to Schedule the Kit"
updated 8/16/14


Sea & Sage Audubon Society
PO Box 5447 • Irvine, CA 92616 • 949-261-7963