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Resources For Teachers

Environmental Education Opportunities
Sea and Sage Audubon Society offers a variety of educational programs and opportunities to teachers, students, families, scouts and other interested groups. Through tours at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine, special workshops, and educational materials for loan, Sea & Sage encourages everyone to experience the beauty and importance of birds and wetlands in Orange County. For more information, call Trude Hurd, Project Director of Education, at 949-261-7964 or contact her by e-mail at 
Outdoor Adventures Program
This outdoor nature program at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary for 4th-5th-6th grade classes emphasizes observational skills and identification of bird and pond life using binoculars and microscopes. Program fee of $3.50 per student includes the two-hour “Bird Walk” and “Pond Study” activities led by trained naturalists, a teacher packet of classroom activities (including a wetlands poster, bird field guides, and a taxidermy bird specimen) to prepare the students for their visit, and a copy of our 28 page illustrated field guide Birds of San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuaryfor each student. Maximum number of students is 68, the minimum is 30. Advance reservations are required.
Nature Discovery Kits for Loan
We have 5 special Nature Discovery Kits for loan to educators to assist their classroom presentations:  Bats, Owls, Butterflies & Moths, Songbirds, and Reptiles & Amphibians.  WE DO NOT MAIL THE KITS OUT; THEY MUST BE PICKED UP IN PERSON.  A list of the contents of each kit can be found by clicking on the name of the kit listed below.
Life of a Dying Tree
Each kit contains a Teacher Resource Notebook, reference books for teachers, a research project and research books for students, laminated student newspapers, mounted specimens, posters, audio cassettes, short video tapes, puppets, read aloud books, and other items appropriate for the topic. Kits are appropriate for upper elementary grades, but can be adapted easily for all elementary grades. The Kits may be checked out for a 2 week period, from Friday to Friday and are free of charge.  A small deposit is required upon checkout;  it will be refunded if the kits are returned on time and without damage.
To reserve one of these special Nature Discovery Kits
To reserve one of these special Nature Discovery Kits for your classroom, contact Marilyn Walter at .  Then fill out the Reservation Form for reserving a Nature Discovery Kit and mail it to: Nature Discovery Kit, c/o Marilyn Walter, 5 Riparian View, Irvine CA 92612.  A 3-week notification period is required between the time we receive your request to the time it is available for checkout. 


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