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Field Trip Reports
Trip Lists, some with comments, some with photos
This page is not completed yet; I'm still working on it.
This section contains the FIELD TRIP REPORTS (lists, comments, & photos) of trips that have already taken place. Those of you who just returned from going on a particular trip, will be able to look it up here to find out what birds were seen and/or heard on the trip.  Some of the leaders write comments about their trip, so those will be included also. And, if you missed a trip and wonder what you missed, this page will provide you with an opportunity to find out. 
Monthly & Bi-Monthly Trips:
The bird lists for these trips will be in the form of spreadsheets, one spreadsheet for each year the trip has been run. The spreadsheets will listed by year, beginning with this year (2013) and working backwards and the data is compiled.
1st Saturday (monthly) Wildlife Walks  
1st Sunday (bimonthly) Santiago Oaks Reg. Park - 2012 walks  
1st Sunday (bimonthly) Irvine Reg. Park  
1st Wednesday (bimonthly) Riley Wilderness Park  
1st Wednesday (bimonthly) Caspers Wildnerness Park  
2nd Thursday (bimonthly) Dana Point Headlands & Harbor  
2nd Sunday (monthly) San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary  
3rd Wednesday (monthly) Upper Newport Bay by pontoon boat  
3rd Thursday (bimonthly) Bolsa Chica - 9/19/13  
3rd Sunday (bimonthly) Laguna Niguel Reg. Park  
3rd Sunday (bimonthly) Carbon Canyon Reg. Park  
Last Sunday (monthly) Upper Newport Bay (on foot)  
Other Trips:
Trips which occur frequently (every year or every other year) will have a Multi-Trips List which cover bird lists from several trip years. These lists will show the variation between years. When photos are available, they will also be posted with the trip list.
Antelope Valley Hawk Trip  
Barbara's Lake & Nix Nature Center (Jim Dilley Preserve)  
Batiquitos Lagoon  
Bolsa Chica - (prior to fall 2013)  
Canyon Park & Talbert Preserve  
Carrizo Plain weekend Trip  
CBC Specialties Trip  
Crescent Bay rocky shore birds  
East Mojave weekend trip  
Eastern Sierra weekend trip  
El Moro Canyon, Crystal Cove  
Heise Park weekend trip  
Huntington Central Park - 11/11/13  
Limestone Canyon  
Mammoth Lakes weekend trip  
Morongo Preserve & vicinity - 2013 Trip Report with comments; Multi-trips list  
Morro Bay weekend trip  
Natural History Walks  
Owls & Nighthawks at Irvine Park  
Owl Prowls at Starr Ranch  
Pelagic Trips  
Pelican Point - Crystal Cove State Park  
Peters Canyon Regional Park  
Prado Basiin  
Salton Sea weekend trip  
San Bernardino Mountains  
San Elijo Lagoon  
San Jacinto Wildlife Area  
Seal Beach NWR - 2/15/14  
SLO coast & Carrizo Plain  
Southern Sierra Trip  
Southern Utah Trip  
Starr Ranch  
Villa Park Flood Basin  
Yorba Regional Park  
updated 2/16/14


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