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photo by Dan Trinidad
photo by G. McCausland
photo by Dan Trinidad
175 people attended our 2014 Annual Dinner. The room had ample room for the chapter display tables and the tables containing the Special Raffle items. Everyone enjoyed the social hour before dinner with the no-host bar and the opportunity to look at the displays and make the rounds at the Special Raffle tables where the interesting items were so artfully displayed. Gretchen McCausland’s beautiful floral centerpieces graced each table, making the room look inviting and festive.

2015 Annual Dinner
Friday evening, March 20, 2015
at the Mile Square Park Banquet Center
Guest Speaker: Kimball Garrett
"Baffling Birders and Bedeviling Biotas: Avian Invaders in California"

The Sea and Sage Annual Dinner will once again be held at the Mile Square Park Banquet Center on Friday evening, March 20th. This year's speaker is the renowned Kimball Garrett, who will present "Avian Invaders in California." While spending a lifetime birding in the Los Angeles area, Kimball developed an interest and passion for introduced bird species and has been at the forefront of efforts to document their status in California. His talk is a light-hearted look at a serious subject, with the goal of enlisting more birders in an effort to monitor the non-native species that are becoming an increasing component of our avifauna.

Mr. Garrett is the Ornithology Collections Manager for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles — and he has provided tours of the LA Natural History collection to the participants in Sea and Sage's Junior Naturalists program. He is responsible for the care and use of the ornithological collections, additions of specimens to the collections, and the databases associated with the collections. A lifelong California resident, he grew up in Hollywood, received his undergraduate education in Zoology at UCLA and UC Berkeley, and did graduate work in Ornithology at UCLA.

The evening's program will include the presentation of our chapter's Fern Zimmerman Conservation Award and Letters of Commendation., and a limited item raffle and silent auction.

The Mile Square Park Banquet Center is located at the south end of Mile Square Park, at the intersections of Warner and Ward in Fountain Valley. Free parking is available. Directions and a map will be sent to each person who makes a reservation for the dinner and provides their email address or a stamped, self-addressed envelope for reservation confirmation and directions.


Table decorations
created by Gretchen McCausland

  Schedule for the Evening
  No host Bar: 6:00 p.m.
  Dinner: 7:00 p.m. .
  Program: 8:00 p.m. sharp!
  Location: Mile Square Park Banquet Center
  Tickets: $45 per person for reservations received before March 1st; $50 per person for reservations received on or after March 1st.
  Entrees: Chicken or Vegetarian
MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY. Seating will be assigned in the order the reservations are received. If you wish to sit with friends, make sure they send in their reservations on the same date you do. To reserve a seat, make your check payable to “Sea & Sage Audubon”; include the name of each person for whom a reservation is made. If you wish group seating, please indicate that on the reservation form; each table will seat 10 people. Mail your check to: Annual Dinner, c/o Nancy Kenyon, 32 Almond Tree Ln., Irvine CA 92612. A message confirming your reservation will be sent back to you along with directions and a map. Be sure to include your email address and phone on the reservation form. All reservations must be received by 12:00 p.m., Monday, March 16th.
Reservation Form (a pdf document)
? If you have questions about the Annual Dinner, please contact Nancy at
Additional information on Kimball Garrett and his program:

This year’s Annual Dinner speaker, Kimball Garrett, will explore California avian invaders.  Few areas of North America are as prone to the release and establishment of non-native bird species as California. Whether introduced purposefully or accidentally, avian immigrants include: familiar bird species such as House Sparrow, European Starling and Rock Pigeon; additional species whose status is ever changing; and a parade of escapees. Invasive introduced plant and animal species pose serious ecological threats worldwide, but which of our bird species merit the “invasive” label? How do we track them and how do we decide which species “count” on avifaunal lists? How do we identify those escapees that could have come from anywhere?  Spending a lifetime birding in the Los Angeles area, Kimball Garrett has been at the forefront of efforts to document their status in California.

Mr. Garrett is the Ornithology Collections Manager for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Since the 1990s he has monitored nonnative, naturalized bird species in California, including 10 parrot species, various doves, and several seed-eating passerines. He was lead author for two species monographs in the authoritative Birds of North America series (Spotted Dove and the White-headed Woodpecker). Garrett is past president of Western Field Ornithologists and has served on the American Birding Association’s Checklist Committee. His coauthored book Birds of Southern California: Status and Distribution remains the standard distributional reference for the region. This presentation by Mr. Garrett, one of southern California's most accomplished birders, will be a unique experience for all.

— Doug Lithgow, Programs Chair
updated March 11, 2015



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