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Special Events

Annual Dinner

Christmas Bird Count

Great Backyard Bird Count

Pancake Breakfast

Summer Barbeque

Potluck Picnic

Orange County Spring Count


Our Summer Barbecue
BBQ photos by Dan Trinidad
This cake was designed and baked by Sheila Fitzgerald especially for our Summer BBQ. Everything on it was edible, including the butterflies, the green nesting materials, the bird eggs, and the flowers and grass. We set it up for display on the Duck Club porch so that everyone could admire it. After dinner, it was cut up into small pieces for dessert and quickly eaten. Everyone agreed that the cake was scrumptious! Thank you so much, Sheila for making this wonderful cake just for us!
Cake made by Sheila Fitzgerald for the 2008 BBQ
photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

BBQ Check-in
Salad Serving Line
BBQ Chef - Hal Sheakley

Salad & Fruit Serving Table
BBQ Chefs - Pete & Hal and other people
BBQ Chef - Frank, and Susan & Wanda

Dick Kust with Hal Sheakley
Jay & Marquita Miller
Hal, Steve, Diane, and others

Trude Hurd with Nancy & Peer Swan
Tour of the New Education Center
Supper in the Meadow

BBQ Check-in
Buns, Condiments, Salad, Fruit . .
Evening Program in the Meadow

We hope you had a good time at our BBQ!
We'll see you again next year!


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