North Through the Prairies
With Sylvia, Jim and Charlie Gallagher
Authors:  mostly Sylvia, perhaps a little by Jim and probably nothing from Charlie
This trip diary, written by Sylvia Gallagher, describes their trip from Huntington Beach,  north through the prairie states.  The trip began in early April and ended in late June. Sylvia sent me 3 installments of her trip diary, by diskette, at 3-week intervals, which I posted as pdf documents  for you to print out and then read as well as regular html documents which you can simply read online.  She sent me the 4th and final installment, along with the trip bird list, after she had returned home.  Nancy Kenyon, webmaster
You will need the free Acrobat Reader in order to open the pdf file.  (Please be patient;  each journal is long, so it may take several minutes to open unless you have a fast connection.)
1st installment 
(April 6th - 27th)
1st installment - pdf document
(pages 1 - 22
part 1 - html document
2nd installment 
(April 28th - May 25th)
2nd installment - pdf document
(pages 23 - 58)
part 2 - html document
3rd installment 
(May 25th - June 17th)
3rd installment - pdf document
(pages 59 - 95)
part 3 - htm document
Final installment 
(June 18th - July 7th)
Final installment - pdf document
(pages 96 - 106
part 4 - htm document
Trip Bird List
(from 10 states)
Trip Bird List - pdf document
(12 pages)
Lesser Prairie-Chicken (photo- by Jim Gallagher)
Henslow's Sparrow (photo by Jim Gallagher)
updated July 20, 2005


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