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Accessible Birding

Accessible Birding May 5th at Craig Park

Craig Regional Park in Fullerton

Friday, May 5th 9:00 am

Our next Accessible Birding event will be held on Friday, May 5th, at Craig Regional Park in Fullerton at 9am.  This event is designed for birders who like to bird from a picnic table or who will enjoy walking on relatively level concrete paths around a three-acre lake.  Craig Park is a wildlife park with mature trees and rolling hills.  The walk around the lake is on a flat, wide concrete path.  It takes about 30 minutes to walk around the lake, and the path ends with a slightly sloped return to the picnic area.  For those who would like to avoid the slope, we will split the group, and some can return by going back around the lake.  After a morning of birding, we will enjoy brunch together (bring your own).

We have chosen a picnic area very close to parking and to the lake.  There are 4 handicapped parking spots, two of which accommodate vans.  There is plenty of general parking as well.  Restrooms are nearby which are clean and easily reachable via a concrete path.  However, the closest restrooms are only partially accessible.  The women’s restroom has a larger stall with a grab bar.  The men’s restroom has a larger stall but no grab bar.  Neither has high toilets.  There are fully handicapped accessible restrooms that will accommodate a wheelchair in other parts of the park reachable by driving.

While this event is designed for those with mobility needs, all are welcome.  The park requires either an OC Park pass or an entrance fee of $3.  Register by e-mail to Gail Richards at  Details of where to meet will be e-mailed to those who register about a week before the event.