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Every Cone Counts

A film by Nina Venuti

My name is Nina Venuti. I was a Bloom-Hays Grant recipient in 2021.

I’m emailing to thank you (and the Sea & Sage Audubon Society membership) again for the award. I used the funds I was awarded by Sea & Sage in 2021 to purchase critical field equipment during the 2021 field season. I am currently working up the data for my project on cone production in fire-injured conifers, and wanted to pass along¬†this short film I made about the project, in case you want to review it and/or pass it along to the Bloom-Hays Grant award committee (and/or the Sea & Sage membership, at large). You will see that I thanked the Sea & Sage Audubon Society for its research support in the film’s credits.

Thanks so much! Take care.


Bloom Hays-Zembal Grant Application