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Taxidermy Donations Requested

Donations Needed for Taxidermy Bird Upkeep

This year, our taxidermy bird specimens were used during 25 days of camp and 48 science programs; seen by thousands of visitors to Audubon House and our community exhibit tables; and loaned to local educators. It is not inexpensive to keep these valuable specimens in top shape. We currently need donations to pay for plexiglass cases, supplies, repairs, a fabricated Cliff Swallow nest, and more totaling $2,500.

All amounts are helpful and a perfect way for you to help our education team show the beauty and importance of birds to the public. Mail your check to Taxidermy, Sea and Sage Audubon, 5 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612. Email Trude Hurd if you have questions:

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