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White-Tailed Kites

White-tailed Kite surveying effort

Help conserve the iconic White-tailed Kite in Orange County! The species has experienced a drastic decline since the early 2000s and we are concerned about the status of their population in the county. In an effort to better understand their habitat use and distribution, UCI Nature is asking for your help. If you see a White-tailed Kite, let us know! We are interested in documenting any sightings and activities of the birds such as hunting or courtship display. Additionally, please submit any photos of the kites carrying prey (rodents, squirrels, etc.) to help us understand their prey composition.

Please use our survey via the Survey123 app to report the location and activity of any White-tailed kites. Survey123 is available in app stores for free, no account necessary just search ‘UCI White-tailed Kite” or go to this link to submit an observation.