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About Us

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Our Mission

Sea and Sage Audubon Society’s mission is to protect birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through education, citizen science, research, and public policy advocacy.

Who We Are

Sea and Sage Audubon Society (Sea and Sage) is an Orange County, California, chapter of the National Audubon Society with over 3000 local members. We serve all of Orange County, advancing the appreciation, understanding, and conservation of birds, other wildlife, and their habitats. Chartered by National Audubon in 1958, we are an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with our own bylaws and constitution. As with most of the 450+ Audubon chapters across the country, we operate as a mostly volunteer organization. In 2020, 1141 volunteers provided over 20,000 hours to operate our programs. Our employees include one full-time Marsh Education Project Director and three part-time employees. The Sea and Sage Board of Directors consists of 11 officers, 15 voting committee chairs and various other program managers.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Sea and Sage Audubon Society is committed to making our activities safe, accessible, and welcoming to everyone. We strive to foster an atmosphere of belonging and to include everyone in our activities — people of any age, sex, physical ability, race, religious belief, gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Learn more at Diversity Equity and Inclusion and see how our Accessible Birding activities focus on accessible birding opportunities.

“The birds Audubon pledges to protect differ in color, size, behavior, geographical preference, and countless other ways. By honoring and celebrating the equally remarkable diversity of the human species, Audubon will bring new creativity, effectiveness and leadership to our work throughout the hemisphere.”  National Audubon Society

Our Location

Our headquarters is located at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, a 300-acre freshwater wetland owned by the Irvine Ranch Water District. Our partnership with the Irvine Ranch Water District enables us to be ambassadors to the public for bird-watching opportunities and environmental education about birds and wetland ecosystems. The Audubon House, a restored historical cottage from the duck hunting era, serves as the visitor center for the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary and includes a bookstore, giftshop, a few educational displays and the Fern Zimmerman Nature Library. Audubon House is open daily except major holidays and is staffed entirely by Sea and Sage volunteers.

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What We Do

Among the many programs Sea and Sage Audubon employs to fulfill our mission are the following:


Monitoring and working to preserve open spaces and areas of ecological diversity throughout Southern California, frequently networking with other Audubon chapters and other conservation organizations.  Partnering with county and municipal parks to effect best practices for land use; for habitat preservation, restoration, and maintenance policies; and for safe trail use. Partnering with state parks to monitor and protect endangered species such as Least Terns and Snowy Plovers.

Adult Education Programs:
Teaching beginning and advanced birding classes featuring identification by sight and sound, accompanied by field trips; bat walks led by a local bat biologist; a full schedule of field trips open to members and the public to local and more distant destinations, including pelagic trips; and naturalist-led walks at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Youth Education Programs:
Focusing on the Outdoor Adventures Program for 4th and 5th graders with an emphasis on under-served communities; and on the Junior Naturalist teen program.

Offering summer camp sessions for ages seven through seventeen, focusing on birds and other wildlife, native plants, habitats and wetland ecology.

Bird Counts and Bird Studies:
Conducting four annual Christmas Bird Counts; the annual Orange County Spring Count; the monthly BirdSeasons phenology study; seasonal Snowy Plover surveys; Least Tern monitoring; monthly Upper Newport Bay and San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary surveys; and the Tree Swallow Nest Box Program.

Academic Scientific Research:
Sponsoring research on ecology and conservation through the Bloom-Hays grant program.

Community Outreach:

Communicating and offering programs and volunteer opportunities:

  • The Sea and Sage website is a continuing resource providing information about chapter programs and activities.
  • Monthly General Meetings and 4th Tuesday Conservation lectures provide opportunities for our members to come together to hear about topics of interest.
  • The Annual Dinner, Pancake Breakfast and Summer Barbeque are welcomed social events.
  • A wide range of committees engage our membership in volunteering to do important work.

Executive Committee

Jonathan Aguayo President
Jonathan Aguayo
Christine Kim Vice President
Christine Kim
Vice President
Melissa Rapp Secretary
Melissa Rapp
Chris Byrd Treasurer
Chris Byrd
Barbara Wasbin 2024 Director
Barbara Wasbin
2024 Director
Sudha Warrier 2026 Director
Sudha Warrier
2026 Director
Catherine Steinberg 2024 Director
Catherine Steinberg
2024 Director
Maia Nguyen 2026 Director
Maia Nguyen
2026 Director
Mary Ellen Wynn2025 Director
Mary Ellen Wynn
2025 Director
Gail Richards Past President
Gail Richards
Past President
Sarah Baker2025 Director
Sarah Baker
2025 Director

Committee Chairpersons

Sharon Rockwell Accessible Birding
Sharon Rockwell
Accessible Birding
Chris Byrd Archives & Records
Chris Byrd
Archives & Records
Doug Lithgow Audubon House
Doug Lithgow
Audubon House
Paula Monroe Aud House Volunteers
Paula Monroe
Aud House Volunteers
Dev Sellin Aud House Volunteers
Dev Sellin
Aud House Volunteers
Sylvia Gallagher Bird Information
Sylvia Gallagher
Bird Information
Darrell Wilson Bird Surveys
Darrell Wilson
Bird Surveys
Scott Thomas Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Scott Thomas
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Susan Sheakley Conservation
Susan Sheakley
Cheryl Thomas Development
Cheryl Thomas
Ellyn Siskind Education
Ellyn Siskind
Mary Joseph Events
Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph Exhibits
Mary Joseph
Gail Richards Field Trips
Gail Richards
Field Trips
Tom Van Huss Finance
Tom Van Huss
Doug Lithgow Human Resources
Doug Lithgow
Human Resources
Vic Leipzig Insurance
Vic Leipzig
Jim Kissinger Membership
Jim Kissinger
Nancy Kenyon Newsletter Editor
Nancy Kenyon
Newsletter Editor
Janet & Al Baumann Bylaws & Related Documents
Janet & Al Baumann
Bylaws & Related Documents
Christine Kim Programs
Christine Kim
Scott Thomas Raptor Research
Scott Thomas
Raptor Research
Amber Heredia Research Grants
Amber Heredia
Research Grants
Bruce AirdScience
Bruce Aird
Chris Obaditch SJWS Liaison
Chris Obaditch
SJWS Liaison
Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson Social Media
Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson
Social Media
Sandy DeSimone Starr Ranch Liaison
Sandy DeSimone
Starr Ranch Liaison
Darrell Wilson Webmaster
Darrell Wilson

Chapter Paid Staff

Trude Hurd Marsh Ed. Project Director
Trude Hurd
Marsh Ed.
Project Director
Mindy Bergen Marsh Ed. Assistant
Mindy Bergen
Marsh Ed.
Catherine Steinberg Sales Manager
Catherine Steinberg
Sales Manager
Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson-Sherson Administrative Aide
Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson-Sherson
Administrative Aide

Contact Information for Sea & Sage Audubon Society

Chapter Email: Nancy Kenyon

Chapter Mail:

Sea & Sage Audubon
PO Box 5447
Irvine CA 92616-5447

Phone: (Chapter Office – Audubon House)


Audubon House is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. except for major holidays
If we don’t answer your call, please leave us a message so that we can call you back.

Education Email: Trude Hurd

Education Mail:

5 Riparian View,

Irvine, CA 92612

Wandering Tattler Newsletter

The Voice of SEA AND SAGE AUDUBON, an Orange County Chapter of the National Audubon Society


The Wandering Tattler Newsletter is emailed or mailed monthly to all 3000 plus members of Sea and Sage to keep them informed of upcoming events and reports of interest. Subscriptions are available to non-members.





Tattler Subscriptions

Non-Audubon members or members from other Audubon chapters who wish to subscribe to our chapter newsletter may do so for $14.00 per year. Make check payable to “Sea and Sage Audubon” and mail to:

Tattler Subscriptions
32 Almond Tree Ln, Irvine CA 92612

Go Paperless!

Sign up to receive your Wandering Tattler newsletter via email — get your issues faster, help save natural resources, reduce waste, and help our chapter save money! You can read it online or print out the pages you need to refer to more frequently. It is in PDF format and will look and print exactly like the original ones. Photos will be in color. Contact Jim Kissinger at and tell him you want to go “Paperless.”

Highlights of 2022

2022 has been a good year for Sea and Sage Audubon as we came back into a full mode of operation after the years of closures during the pandemic. We offered a full program of field trips and bird counts, the Pancake Breakfast returned and so did the summer BBQ, but it was cancelled due to much needed rain. Our 34 various committee chairs volunteered 10,000 hours, and members joining those committees volunteered 15,000 hours continuing to do their important work. Collectively they engaged over 12,000 participants in our activities and events.

Virtual Community Outreach

  • Web Design- After a full year of work, the Web Design Committee launched our new website in August. Every committee, but the Conservation and Education Committees spent untold hours in creating a complete revision of their website content with new photos and videos.
  • Membership and Data Processing In addition to maintaining all membership records for over 3000 members, initiated the use of Eventbrite to provide an online process for members to register for paid events and field trips. They also created the E-News flyers sent through our Listserv to publicize and remind members of upcoming events and to make important announcements.
  • Zoom Meetings have consistently doubled our participation in General Meetings, 4th Tuesday lectures and all committee meetings.
  • The Wandering Tattler is mailed and emailed, 9 months of the year, to over 3000 members and another 1600 affiliates, then posted on the website for all web visitors to see.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Sea and Sage Audubon DEI Committee was established in mid-2021, so 2022 was the first full year that the DEI Committee met regularly. We are proud to share the following accomplishments from this past year:

  • The DEI Committee collaborated to increase outreach at Sea and Sage events, to promote accessibility and inclusivity and to ensure that all attendees feel welcomed. Specifically, we had designated volunteers at both the Pancake Breakfast and Holiday Open House whose primary goal was to serve as a “greeter” to welcome people to the event, share resources, and help facilitate connections. We incorporated messaging to promote inclusion (i.e. “All are Welcome Here” flags, DEI posters at welcome table, rainbow flag, etc).
  • We leveraged social media to promote diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility. This included incorporating accessible image descriptions on social media posts, highlighting a diversity of members and followers, and promoting accessibility events.
  • We provided support for the development of Spanish Language Bird Walks.
  • We increased the diversity of young participants and members with a focused Christmas Bird Count specific for 40 High School and College students at Irvine Valley College. This event was coordinated with the National Audubon Campus Audubon program (photo/article with students and Sea and Sage board director here:
  • We collaborated with the Accessibility Birding Committee to help promote 4 planned accessible birding events with social time included.
  • We collaborated with the nominating committee to ensure that diversity is an important consideration in the process of nominating board members and providing pathways to leadership opportunities.
  • We are currently developing resources to help facilitate an on-boarding process that helps support new board members, with a focus on inclusion and equity.
  • Established a Campus Audubon Chapter, collaboratively with Irvine Valley College and Sea and Sage Audubon.


  • We created an entirely new Sea and Sage Audubon Website that launched in August 2022. Our Web Design Team volunteers met weekly for over a year to make decisions. The Project Director of Education completely rewrote the education section with new content and photos plus a bilingual welcome to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Spanish. She also created new chapter sections on Getting Started in Birding and Where to Go Birding in Orange County. The Conservation Committee has greatly expanded in recent years, so the committee co-chairs rewrote their pages about Conservation Lecture series, Legislation & Advocacy, Tackling Climate Change & Trash, Bird Friendly Communities, Endangered and Sensitive Species, Conservation Bird Surveys and more. As a result of this new website, our members and Orange County residents have a better understanding about birds and the role that we have in ensuring their protection.
  • We entered into a new Partnership with California State Parks for monitoring and protection of Western Snowy Plovers on Orange County beaches. This is a 4-year program that includes recruiting and assisting in the training of volunteer beach monitors and support for a seasonal employee and the purchase of materials.    
  • The conservation committee launched the new DEI Committee in 2022. It is now a stand-alone Special Committee for Sea and sage Audubon.
  • Conducted 8 ‘4th Tuesday” Conservation Lectures, reaching several hundred participants, and providing the first known virtual program featuring local volunteer opportunities presented by various conservation organizations throughout Orange County.
  • Established two subcommittees: Legislation and Advocacy and Tackling Trash and Climate.
  • Provided support to the Banning Ranch Conservancy to acquire the title to the Randall Preserve
  • They made a donation to Starr Ranch for their invasive plant protection program
  • Sea and Sage donated to Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve for a camera and signs to reduce vandalism.

Legislation and Advocacy-Conservation subcommittee

  • Created and conducted Tutorials on how to track legislation (HB)
  • Selected 13 bills of interest to track.
  • Developed support or oppose positions on these 13 bills
  • Submitted comments on several throughout the process.
  • Participated in Advocacy Day with Audubon CA.
  • Met with local representatives.

Tackling Climate and Trash -Conservation subcommittee

Surveyed members for interest and knowledge and decided to focus on investigating and reporting on what we can do as individuals to impact climate change and trash and did the following:

  • Published articles on findings in Tattler and on Webpage
  • Developed the TCT logo
  • Developed Webpage
  • Conducted Scrape and Rinse Station at Pancake Breakfast
  • Developed Art of Giving with Less Trash outreach table and presented at Pancake Breakfast and Holiday Open House

Bird Surveys and Counts

Over 380 volunteers spent over 6300 hours completed the following surveys:

  • Bird Seasons-monthly
  • Christmas Bird Count (x4 circles including our newly launched Chino Hills count) December 2022
  • Least Tern Surveys-seasonally
  • SJWS Census-monthly
  • Snowy Plover Surveys
  • Orange County Spring Bird Count
  • Tree Swallow Nest Monitoring-seasonally
  • UCI Census-monthly
  • University Hills Eco Reserve Survey-monthly
  • Upper Newport Bay-monthly

Marsh Education Project

The Marsh Education Program was able to re-connect people with nature after the pandemic. From interactive science programs for elementary school children to exciting night-time bat walks for adults, Sea and Sage Audubon created a safe environment for people to enjoy nature at the beautiful San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. Our 52 adult naturalists and 7 teen volunteers donated over 3,400 hours to make these programs happen. 

  • Outdoor Adventures (1,168 children; 1,124 Title 1): We enrolled 48 elementary school classes (46 Santa Ana scholarships).
  • Outdoor Adventures New Naturalist Training. Nine new recruits were trained.
  • Nature Walk (46 people): 6 naturalist-led walks and 4 seasonal nature displays were placed in the kiosks.
  • Nature Day Camps (58 children): Children and teens enjoyed 4 week-long, half-day camps at the marsh with daily nature walks, Introduction to Birds of Southern California journaling, art projects, and more.
  • Summer Bat Walks (60 people): Participants marveled as hundreds of insect-eating bats flew over us during 5 evening walks in August and September.
  • Junior Naturalists (22 teens): Teens connected with each other through field trips, bird surveys and stewardship projects.
  • Nature Discovery Kits (321 children and 17 adults): Seven educators borrowed kits on owls, nests, bats, butterflies, and reptiles.
  • Children’s Book Walk – NEW: We displayed pages from “Paddle Perch Climb: Bird Feet are Neat” by Laurie Ellen Angus for two weeks in the meadow plus had fun activities on opening and closing days.
  • Taxidermy Specimens. Over 8,620 people viewed our birds during science programs, at community events, and in Audubon House.

Audubon House

  • Audubon House successfully re-opened in November 2021 after being closed due to Covid-19 for 1.5 years. We have remained open since that time while adhering to CDC Health Guidelines.
  • In September 2022, we relaxed our Covid-19 health restrictions in accordance with the Orange County Health Department guidelines. We restarted our binocular loan program for visitors.
  • Nineteen new volunteers were trained and began filling shifts in 2022.

Bird Information

Sylvia Gallagher completed her 42nd year of teaching Birding Skills classes. We are all so empowered by the work that she does in teaching everyone from beginners to the most advanced to become better birders.

  • Introduction to Birds of Southern California is presented every year In the fall to beginning birders. This year there were 50 participants.
  • Shorebirds of California Part 1 was offered in the spring of 2022 to 60 participants, who will all be the candidates for Shorebirds. Part 2, offered next year.

Archives and Records

  • 2022 was a stable year for Archives and Records, as we added newsletters, board documents, and other important documents to the Archives and continued to support a growing number of committees. The Archives folders were also used to house and share recordings from numerous chapter meetings.
  • The Archives team also supported the development of the new website, adding sections on chapter history, past presidents, and the oral history project.

Annual Plan 2023

Chapter Meetings and Communications

Many meetings will continue in a Zoom-based virtual format:

  • Monthly Board Meetings
  • General Meetings on 3rd Friday
  • 4th Tuesday Conservation Lectures
  • Weekly Birding Skills Classes
  • All committee meetings

Special Events

  • Snowy Owl Presentation – January 19
  • Volunteer Appreciation – February 25
  • Annual Dinner-March 18
  • Blind Birders Bird Walk – March 30
  • Summer BBQ- July 29
  • Plein Air Painting Event – Fall 2023
  • Pancake Breakfast- October 28
  • Nature Store Holiday Open House- December 3

The Wandering Tattler will be published and sent to over 4600 members and affiliates.  The newsletter will also be posted on the chapter website.

Website Design.  Our new and fully revised website was launched in August of 2022, and now has over 8000 users. The committee will continue to:

  • Keep the website information updated.
  • They will be searching to hire technical support to maintain the website under Darrell’s supervision.
  • Expand the content.
  • Improve access to the website for remote devices.

The Social Media Committee will:

  • Increase community engagement with Sea and Sage Audubon through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Continue to promote chapter activities, announce events, and share conservation-related information and issues with our membership and larger virtual audiences.

Committee Activities Including Community Outreach

The Accessible Birding Committee will continue offering special accessible events for those with physical disabilities. This year the committee will:

  • Plan and implement four birding events with social time to follow.
  • Have at least one of the birding events at a location we have not tried before.
  • Host a special event for blind birders with accommodations for their unique needs.

The Audubon House Committee and volunteers will:

  • Continue to canvass for new volunteers through newsletter articles, program announcements and social media, in order to have enough volunteers to staff the Audubon House seven days a week.
  • Update the Audubon House Answer (Resource) Book and have a digital copy stored in Dropbox.

Bird Information.  Sylvia Gallagher begins her 43rd year of offering Birding Skills Workshops to our membership and beyond. Her offerings this year will be: 

  • Shorebirds Workshop, Part 2: Spring 2023-summer, including a Mid-Atlantic field trip organized by Roy Poucher.
  • Introductory Birding Skills Workshop, October – December 2023, enriched with the participation of Jon Dunn.
  • Raptor Identification Workshop by Bill Clark, March 2023

Bird Surveys will continue to solicit participants and conduct the following surveys:

  • BirdSeasons surveys at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary with two teams each week
  • Christmas Bird Count (four count circles)
  • Least Tern Surveys – seasonally
  • SJWS Census – monthly
  • Snowy Plover Surveys
  • Spring Bird Count – seasonally
  • Tree Swallow Nest Monitoring – seasonally
  • UCI Census – monthly
  • University Hills Eco Reserve Survey – monthly
  • Upper Newport Bay – monthly

Conservation.  The Conservation committee will continue the nuts-and-bolts activities of Conservation, including:

  • Working with other organizations on local issues both coastal and upland, and in participating in the CEQA process.
  • Hosting the 4th Tuesday Conservation Lecture series.
  • Developing and improving the Conservation webpage, including adding Birding and Photography Protocols and Bird Friendly Tree Trimming information.
  • Establishing and developing a California Coastal Commission Issues Subcommittee to keep track of and weigh in on local CCC issues impacting our coastal birds, other wildlife, and their habitats.
  • Increasing volunteer participation on Conservation committees and subcommittees.
  • We will expand our efforts for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion which may include family-friendly nature walks, Spanish language bird walks, and events that welcome LGBTQ+ community in addition to improving recruitment and retainment of diverse board members, supporting youth programs such as Junior Naturalists and Campus Audubon (in collaboration with Irvine Valley College), and collaborating with chapter committees to provide resources about DEI initiatives specific to our committees.

Legislation and Advocacy – this Conservation Subcommittee will:

  • Expand our program of outreach to elected officials, meeting with at least one congress member, one state senator, and one state assembly member over the course of the year.
  • Expand our engagement of chapter members with more training and more opportunities for them to communicate directly with office holders at all levels.

Tackling Climate and Trash – this Conservation Subcommittee will:

  • Continue our emphasis on actions that can be taken by individuals to decrease our use of fossil fuels, while also continuing to educate ourselves and the wider community about significant issues and additional ways to combat climate change. The subcommittee is researching several ideas for a project.
  • Continue to contribute articles to the Sea and Sage website and to provide information in Tattler articles to increase understanding of climate change, as well as to advocate for solutions.
  • Continue to support “scrape and rinse” stations for re-usable tableware as well as provide educational tables at Sea and Sage events.

The Marsh Education Project and the Education Committee  

Trude Hurd, the Marsh Education Project Director, and the new Education Assistant, in collaboration with the Education Committee Chair and the Education Committee will:

  • Add and train new naturalists for Outdoor Adventures.
  • Explore ways for community outreach about freshwater wetland ecology to replace the monthly Nature Walks. 
  • Continue ongoing programs:
    • Junior Naturalists Program
    • Nature Discovery Kits for loan to educators
    • Nature Day Camps (Summer 2023)
    • Summer Bat Walks
    • Taxidermy Loan Program

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee will:

  • Engage in tangible efforts to increase outreach to minoritized or underrepresented communities through family-friendly nature walks, Spanish language bird walks, and events that welcome the LGBTQ+ community, allies, and family. 
  • Actively work to promote belonging, accessibility, and inclusivity at our events and programs to ensure that all participants feel welcome, included, and engaged. 
  • Develop resources to facilitate an on-boarding process that helps to recruit and retain diverse board members, with a focus on equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 
  • Increase and support the diversity of young participants and members through targeted programs, including Junior Naturalists and Campus Audubon (in collaboration with Irvine Valley College). 
  • Collaborate with chapter committees to provide resources for the development and implementation of DEI initiatives specific to conservation, field trip planning, education, social media and outreach programs.

The Exhibits volunteers will set up information tables at multiple community events and locations throughout the year such as:  Earth Day at the Bay, Bolsa Chica, Riley Wilderness Park, Santa Ana Free Family Festival, Roger’s Gardens, and the Children’s Festival of Books.

Field Trips.  The Field Trips Committee will:

  • Establish an annual schedule of field trips.
  • Publicize upcoming field trips in the Tattler, on the website, and in social media.
  • Expand our offerings with new field trips for beginning birders as well as families with children, Spanish language bird walks, and a special field trip for blind birders.

The Programs Committee will continue reaching out for new General Meeting speakers that interest and engage our participants.

Raptor Research will:

  • Launch a volunteer-based Breeding Raptor Survey of selected county parks and open spaces in Orange County to help study a perceived decline in breeding attempts in the region.
  • Continue our support of the Orange County Bird of Prey Center.

Chapter Support and Maintenance

The Annual Appeal will be launched in December as our once-a-year request for donations from our members; these donations support the ongoing workings of the organization.

The Archives and Records Committee will:

  • Maintain and support the chapter electronic archives, currently housed in Dropbox.
  • Maintain the Board Resource Notebook, facilitating Board member access to the contents.
  • Add historical content to the website, and/or conduct additional oral history interviews, as time allows.

The Bylaws and Related Documents Committee will:

  • Update the Standing Rules to include Board-approved policies.
  • Update the Bylaws to reflect current practices.

The Finance Committee will:

  • Continue to review our investments.
  • Revise the Sea and Sage financial policy statement to reflect current economic and operating conditions.
  • Prepare balanced budgets for 2024.

The Human Resources Committee will:

  • Provide the new Employee Policy Handbook to all employees.
  • Implement the protocols for employee reviews and performance evaluations.
  • Make procedures and documents for future hiring accessible in the chapter archives.

The Insurance Committee will make sure that policies are renewed in April at affordable rates and in time for Spring Bird Count.

Membership and Data Processing will:

  • Continue to monitor renewals and encourage new participants to join.
  • Engage all members in upcoming events with bi-monthly eNews flyers.
  • Set up all events that require pre-registration on Eventbrite, providing online access for members to register for these events and to make payments.
  • Monitor the wait list for vacancies at events.

The Research Grant Committee will continue to select the Bloom-Hays grant recipients as well as recipients for the new Zembal Wetlands grant.

The San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary Liaison will continue to collaborate throughout the year with the members of the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary Board of directors to address our mutual interests and goals.