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Bird & Wildlife Information

Cedar Waxwing
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou
Great Horned Owl
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou
Wilson's Warbler
Wilson’s Warbler
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou

Attracting Birds

Plants that attract birds

Hummingbird Feeders – updated info

Banded Birds & Bird Banding

Banded Birds (any birds except pigeons, parrots, etc.)

Banded hawks

Banded Snowy Plovers

Banded (tagged) Turkey Vultures

Banded (tagged) American White Pelicans

Learning More

Birding Skills Workshops

Sea & Sage Audubon Field Trips

Gull Identification Chart (for common adult gulls in Orange County)

Owls (an excellent website on owls) 

How and Why Do Birds Get Lost?

Frequently Asked Questions About Birds

Birds of Orange County – website by Peter Bryant with photos by John Avise

Birds & Wildlife Nature Photography – photos by Joe Morlan

Distinguishing the Mergansers Here in the Winter

Rare birds

Orange County Rare Bird Alert listserv

California Rare Bird listserv

San Diego Regional Birding

CA Inland Counties Bird News

CA County Geographic Birding Guide – This map on Joe Morlan’s website shows all the CA counties & provides

links to all the regional & county listservs in CA

Birding List Digest – This handy webpage is a nation-wide list of birding listservs separated into regions of the US

(BE AWARE – The site is labeled “NOT SECURE”)